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Boom lift for rent in dubai


We are one of the leading providers of Boom lifts for rent, Spider Cranes, Spider Lifts and and Material handling solutions .We provide specialised height access solutions with dedicated customer support.

Our next generation Spiders and forklifts come with game changing safety and technological advancements.

We run a modern and reliable fleet of spiders available in Diesel, Lithium & Hybrid ensuring our fleet is the solution to your working at height application.

 Access Equipment

Boom lift for rent in dubai
Fork Lifts

3 – 25 Tons

Boom lift for rent in dubai
Boom Lifts

15 -43 Meters

Boom lift for rent in dubai
Spider Lifts

19 – 52 Meters

Boom lift for rent in dubai
Scissor Lifts

8 – 18 Meters

Boom lift for rent in dubai
Spider Cranes

1 – 10 Tons

Boom lift for rent in dubai
Tele Handler

4 Tons

Boom lift for rent in dubai
Glass Vacuum Lifters & Manipulators

0.6 – 0.8 Tons

cradles for rent
Suspended Access Cradles

Your Perfect Partner for Access & Lifting Equipment

Providing you a wide range of machines and services for your work at height needs

Boom lifts for Rent

Our engine-powered boom lifts rental to give you the reach and power you need for the best outdoor performance. You need an articulating boom lift for jobs requiring you to reach up and over objects. Our telescopic boom lifts reach out further with more capacity, putting you right where you need to be as simply and efficiently as possible.

Hire a Boom lift in Dubai to provide maximum elevation for outdoor applications. They’re most commonly used in industrial construction projects, where workers regularly need to reach very high areas. The majority of telescopic boom lifts provide platform heights of 40 to 80 feet.

boom lift for rent
Boom lifts for rent

Boom lift rental services in Dubai

We offer Manlift rental / Boom lifts for rent services anywhere in UAE, such as get to Equipment rental lifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts, articulated blast lifts and vertical lifts. Working at heights safely and efficiently is our priority for your business.

whenever you need to hire equipment for periodic tasks or for special projects where expertise has to be matched along with the availability of the right equipment in sufficient quantity, we are up to the task. Our types of equipment are maintained in excellent condition, tested for safety, and always ready for immediate hire.

Spider lifts for Rent

Spider lift is one of the most efficient access platforms to get the job done at height safely. It provides great deal of flexibility in terms of reach especially in narrow areas. Spider lift varies on the basis of working height, power source and lifting capacity. Manlift offers well maintained spider lifts for rent, both electric and diesel powered spider lifts are available.

Spider lifts are nimble, versatile lifts that are suited for many uses. Available with working heights from 49 feet up to 150 feet, there is a perfect sized lift for every job. Featuring articulating booms and jibs, the lifts are easy to maneuver to the exact position you need them. Models up to 83 feet working height are narrow enough to fit through a standard 36 inch doorway or gate, making them ideal for interior jobs. Spider lifts are perfect for tree trimming, facility maintenance, construction, and many other uses.

Spider Lifts for rent in dubai
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