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Established in 2011 by trained and highly qualified and influential cleaning professionals from the UK Abu Hail Technical & Cleaning Services is raising the level of the cleaning industry.

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External Glass Cleaning

External Glass Cleaning



Abu hail technical & cleaning services l.l.c. offers affordable and top-quality External glass cleaning, specifically for high-rise building and residences. We offer expert external glass cleaning services for Dubai and all over UAE. 

Why is a professional external glass cleaning Service is needed?

Clear glass surfaces and windows in homes as well as offices make it sparkle and it makes the surrounding more hygienic too. The exteriors of windows of high rise building often ignored until they are very dirty, making them very difficult to clean up later. Exterior Glass cleaning outside is not easy if glasses are not properly cleaned and can give an ugly appearance to your property.

External Glass Cleaning
Glasses on windows in any structure, whether it’s a shopping mall, commercial building, Hotel or a Hospital or a Clinic building will reflect what you think of as your business’s presence to the outside world. Since you are situated in Dubai cleanliness in both the external and internal view can reflect on the appearance of your business.
It’s not feasible to maintain cleanliness across the entire building.yourself.Whenever you Have a professional external glass cleaning service that you can hire for this service You can avail a variety of advantages as follows:The following benefits
  • Windows are cleaned outside and inside by skilled employees who carry out perfect cleaning using proper tools, the right chemicals, and the right techniques.
  • hiring inexperienced workers that do not have the necessary education or the right tools could be dangerous whereas the professional employees of a firm are insured, certified by the authorities and have been working for years of security and experience.
  • Engaging a professional to clean external glass is not just time-saving but also offers the most suitable method to meet the specific requirements of every construction.
  • In the event of hiring untrained individuals, they could make use of a hand or paper towel, resulting in unwelcome spots and stains, and even damaged glass surfaces that will cost more in the end.

IRATA Certified Team Facade Cleaning Company in DubaiOur staff has received extensive training in the various cleaning fields. Each member of their team goes through a rigorous training program.

Full Building wash Services
All kinds of High Rise External Glass Cleaning Services in Dubai

The sky isn’t the limit. All businesses, structures, and organizations are able to reach amazing levels. Cleaning the glass surfaces of buildings and exteriors can pose a number of challenges.

Cleaning professionals who are regular amateurs find it difficult to maintain their windows. Every cleaning activity requires special equipment. High-rise cleaning windows are distinct from ordinary windows. It requires expertise in technology to wash your windows.

Contact High Rise External Glass Cleaning Services in Dubai for window cleaning services that are high-rise. They are experts in building and window washing. Contact us now online to book our services.

We are the professional High Rise External Glass Cleaning Services in Dubai, we take care of your buildings in a proper way. We always use high-end equipment for fabricating delicate washing and business glass cleaning processes.

Hire ABU HAIL TECHNICAL & CLEANING SERVICES LLC the most reliable external glass cleaning service in dubai

Why take your time and energy by employing non-professionals to clean your glasses when you have the possibility to hire professionally trained experts for for exterior glass clean-up. Our expert cleaning specialists are equipped with the required equipment and know how to utilize them using a precise method to clean the surface of glass. We provide custom-designed cleaning services for our customers. We offer you the advantages and highly-trained professional cleaners who perform more efficiently.



We offer the most efficient External Glass cleaning for all types of properties that includes residential villas, huge apartment buildings, and commercial ones. Every service we provide to our clients is performed in compliance with strict safety guidelines, with no risk to the cleaning crew and the building’s inhabitants. Utilizing the most sophisticated equipment, tested techniques, and carefully chosen cleaning materials for your offices and homes We look at making your windows glass sparkling clean.

Why should you Choose us?

We are the experts in High Rise External Glass Cleaning Services in Dubai We take care of your building in a professional manner. We only use the most advanced equipment to manufacture delicate cleaning and business glass cleaning procedures.


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