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Facade Lighting Services by Rope Access in U.A.E.

Introduction to facade lightening services:

Components and Technologies Used Height Safe Systems employ some of the industry’s most skilled rope access and maintenance technicians who understand the gravity of the work they are hired to do. Because of this, they preserve their high level of commitment and dedication to every project, regardless of its scale. With this exceptional work ethic and highly organized flexible approach, Height Safe Systems are capable of completing projects safely, and efficiently.

When it comes to working at height, several methods can be used. Here at Height Safe Systems, there are a few in particular that we find dependable and relatively straightforward to use. These include Rope Access, Mobile Elevating Work Platforms, and Gantries.

Today, the provision of facade access and cleaning services is carried out with the use of specific equipment and technologies. This includes a range of suspended units, gantries, water-fed poles, platforms,
etc. Here, we consider what technologies are applied and what provision of services is made in the field of facade cleaning and maintenance by modern facade access systems.

Various applications:

Overview of Facade Lighting Services in the U.A.E. In a climate where the average daily peak temperature reaches 40-45 degrees if not more, condensation tends to build up in the light tool just after a few minutes of the lights being turned off. A good lighting system must have good continuous airflow to

avoid condensation spoiling the effect of the building’s appearance. The economic effect on the cooling load of the building should be considered as well. Depending on the height of the tower, e.g., if it is located near or above the free wind area, outdoor thrills might be required to keep the air around the light within the desired level to avoid condensation in the light, or the possibility to humidify the room without affecting the appearance during extraordinary conditions must be considered in the design team meetings. High-quality lighting

must be adapted to take into account the effect of the environment. A common mistake represents the lighting power required for brick buildings without any treatment and glass buildings with automatic color-adapting solar reflective high-performance or monolithic glass’s unique performances. Last but not least, good lighting must have a remote reconfigurable system in case faults occur to avoid long downtime causing an important drop in the facade lighting service level. With millions of buildings in the U.A.E.

To addresses the steadily increasing need for facade lighting services, either for repairs to existing systems or for new systems, conventional access methods represent many difficulties, particularly given the prevailing economic situation in the country. This fact justified research into other cost-effective installation and access methods, and this paper describes an investigation into the use of industrial rope access in an attempt to minimize installation and maintenance costs at the new buildings. The unique geographical benefits that the U.A.E.

enjoys in its position located in the center of the world offer another major challenge: the intense sun, together with extreme heat, driving wind, and sand, pose increasing challenges in keeping the facade lighting service working properly to provide the prescribed architectural look. Due to the aforementioned intensity of the sun and the extremely high temperature level reached, a good facade lighting system must have a good IP (Ingress Protection) rating, particularly if special lighting with RGB colors is needed.

This leads to an increase in the energy consumption of the system due to the required lighting strength of the special RGB coloring. Significance of Rope Access in Facade Lighting in U.A.E Rope Access provides two very
significant advantages when compared to any other method available. Being a non-obtrusive and flexible means of access that poses little impact to the building, within a time frame no conventional access method can match, a team of trained, qualified, and experienced

Rope Access Technicians can carry out several types of facade lighting works considering several factors. They include: Installation of Facade Lighting, Replacement/Servicing of Faulty Lamps, Cleaning Services for Facade Lighting, Refurbishments, Color Changing Effects, Gobo Projectors, Search Light Installations, LED Screen Installations, Maintenance of Fly Cams, Refurbishment of Facade Lighting, Servicing LED Lighting Fixtures, Light level calibration, Decorative Lighting, Logo, Advertisement, and Identification

lighting. With the growth burst and the usage of aluminum and glass facades on sophisticated buildings throughout the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) and the Middle East, the installation of facade lighting becomes an essential ingredient to enable these buildings to remain attractive for a 24-hour period. This mandate paves the way for the evolution of a specialized feather in the Rope Access work industry, originally practiced by ship steelworkers. Facade lighting is an essential requirement in giving a prestigious look and identity to a multi-storied building, in particular, which is special in its own way.


Rope Access for Façade Lighting Installation and Maintenance:

The residents and users of a tall residential or commercial building expect to receive a satisfying and peaceful service during their stay inside. This comfort necessarily requires a series of services such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, automation, good views and interior lighting. In case that one of these services is not working properly, the residents

and users of the building immediately recognize it, and then, they become disturbed and even lose their confidence in the building they are in. In this specific paper, we handle just the interior and exterior lighting of these buildings in order to illuminate the facade of a residential or commercial building. The main purpose of facade lighting of a tall building is to make it look like a unique and artificial monument that seems to penetrate the sky. One of the most important applications of rope access in the U.A.E. is in facade lighting.

There are currently multiple tall residential and commercial buildings in this area. They all need to be eye-catching, unique, and secure from the weather effects. In general, about 1/3 of a tall building is a facade. There are typically various types of materials (glass, pail-panel, etc.) and colors on facades, and each of them has a different installation and maintenance. Moreover, there is a curtain wall inside most of the facades that needs to be maintained from inside. In this paper, in the next few sections, we will first try to

explain the key concepts of the process starting from the demand for facades to facade lighting in general by focusing on the U.A.E., and we will try to convey the economic size of this business in the U.A.E.


Abu Hail Technical & Cleaning Service L.L. C’s Facade Lighting Services:

High-rise structures such as commercial and residential buildings and shopping areas benefit from facade lighting, the patterns of which can allow displaying a structure with a different facade appearance.

Abu Hail Technical Service makes this possible by using our experienced rope access staff trained to install and maintain LED strip lights around the building, providing an overall lighting experience that people nearby will not miss and that can truly make a difference to the visual appeal of the building. We are confident that being a market leader in facade lighting in the United Arab Emirates, we can provide reliable facade lighting installation to the exterior of high buildings. Be it high-rise towers, arches, or perimeter strip lighting, Abu Hail’s provides safe, useful, and efficient rope access-supported installation of various daylighting devices. The company produces a full cycle of work, including design, production, delivery, installation, service, and dismantling. All the works are performed at high altitudes and can be conducted at any time of the year.Abu Hail Technical & Cleaning Service L.L.C.  is a Dubai, U.A.E. based service provider with vast experience in building facade access and maintenance.

Abu Hail offers more than simple access; we can ensure that your structure is safe, clean, and presentable. For facade cleaning, maintenance, or inspection, AHTCS can help you with a seamless and effective plan. Our competent personnel have extensive experience in applying various methods and techniques in the exterior cleaning and protection of high-rise, commercial, and residential buildings.Our clients seek unparalleled results delivered at a surprising value, and we are recognized for our commitment to

quality and professionalism. Our investment in in-house training and high safety standards of our personnel, coupled with simplified access planning and efficient equipment, enables us to provide a dependable and top-level service to our clients while minimizing disturbance to building operations and tenants.


Abseiling maintenance became a well-established method in the construction industry and is expanding today. It is used for a multitude of tasks such as repairs, cleaning, testing, and maintenance of buildings and structures. The biggest advantage of using abseiling is the fact that the method does not require the use of heavy or bulky lifting and access equipment such as scaffolding, large mobile cranes, suspended cradles, or cherry pickers. It also does not need complicated lifting plans to be approved by the relevant authorities

We offer ongoing maintenance of the lighting elements with maintenance abseiling without the need for scaffolding or gondolas. Facade lighting has two main purposes: to provide safety and visual comfort to the inhabitants

and to emphasize aesthetics and become a dramatic attraction in the urban scene. The task of maintaining facade lighting is considered one of the most complex and expensive tasks due to the limitations of the means to access the luminaires.