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Facade Lighting

Facade Lighting Services

Abu Hail Technical & Cleaning Services LLC provides the best facade lighting installation services by Rope access in Dubai. Call us now to schedule your Services.

Facade Lighting — Bringing Buildings to Life

Facade lighting is the lighting of the building’s exterior. It is well-known that lighting plays a crucial aspect in how we see and perceive architecture. Light highlights the forms as well as the colors and textures of an area, assisting architecture fulfill its intended goal. When structures are illuminated with bright lights, they let people to experience the splendor of the structure in silhouette in the night sky.

Architecture is about perception and lighting can enhance our ability to see intricate details, making them more apparent. Innovative lighting designs will give your building an individual look, leave lasting impressions and turn them into a sought-after tourist attraction in cities.

When you next come near an attraction like a mosque, bridge or museum Take a moment to look at the patterns of light and how well it blends and enhances the architectural design.


Abu Hail Technical & Cleaning Services LLCfacade-lighting-services-in-dubai, Facade Lighting Specialists in Dubai, offer a full line of interior and exterior LED lighting systems that can add the look of your building with amazing lighting effects in the night.


December as well as New Year are special times of the year, filled with holiday cheer. It is a beautiful spectacle to witness lights fill the structures with holiday spirit. Bring your building back to life with vibrant illumination that will make it stand out as a prominent landmark. Our lighting experts can provide a completely new look to your buildings and provide the needed eye-catching appeal you’re looking for in your building’s exteriors.


Our team will be happy to guide you through free consultation regarding facade lights installations, repairs and fittings so you can take the decision that is best for your building and your pocket.


  • Eco-friendly lighting services
  • Regular monitoring and bulbs replacement
  • Cost effective maintenance options
  • Re-installations with professionally trained team



Facade Lighting Trends in Dubai

Nowadays, when we look at a building at night, we may now see more than just the typical illumination.Nowadays, facade lighting / Media Facade in Dubai has become trendy. In the past, it was merely lighting. With the advent of new technologies, the skyscrapers are embracing an entirely new style of facade lighting within Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the other Emirates.


Look at the villas, showrooms, corporate headquarters, government buildings, mosques, and even hospitals that are giving their buildings a new image with facade lighting.Professional Facade lighting contributes significantly to the elegance and appeal of architectural projects. Facade lighting does more than just illuminate the building, but provides it with a distinct appearance. Its goal is to communicate a message to the people about Architecture.

At first, people were concerned about the electric energy generated by the brightness. However, thanks to smart lighting, it’s now possible to create façade illumination

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