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Facade Maintenance Services in Dubai

Facade Maintenance: What exactly is it and why should you need it?

The installation and glazing team of Abu Hail Technical Services LLC are full facade maintenance specialists. From quick response to broken glass to providing remedial services such as cracked windows, shop fronts aluminum doors, and frame repairs the team consists of the most innovative glaziers and technicians. Abu Hail Technical Services LLC goes above and beyond in its remedial offerings by providing on-site fabrication and customization for custom replacements. Facade maintenance covers a wide variety of options. Abu Hail Technical Services LLC’s services include Rectification of the facade of difficult-to-reach surfaces and water staining with hard water, pest droppings, and calcification, repairs to signage, rust removal repainting, waterproofing, and much more.

What are the reasons you require facade maintenance?

Building Presentation:

Everything from pests to age as well as air pollution can impact the appearance of a structure. It doesn’t matter if it’s your home or workplace. The Abu Hail Technical Services LLC team appreciates the necessity of preserving the appearance of your home.

Pests and birds are also a major eye-sore on the building’s exterior and are often responsible for property damage to gutters, fillings, and roofs. With the help of IRATA-certified Rope Access specialists, Abu Hail Technical Services LLC is able to gain access to and clear any part of your building that is home to pests and birds. To avoid future destruction to your property or the possibility of a pest problem arising later on, our team is also equipped to set up preventive measures, like filling and wiring to keep your building tidy and well-maintained.

Abu Hail Technical Services LLC facade maintenance also addresses wear and tear on paint as well as waterproofing. Maintenance of facades for coating membranes, rendering, and general paintwork is vital for both residential and commercial buildings to ensure the integrity of the facade.


For commercial clients, keeping the appearance of signage is crucial to the business. Abu Hail Technical Services LLC Rope Access division and glaziers are skilled with the removal custom-cut, design, and installation of front façade signs. Custom designs and height challenges are not a problem for our Abu Hail Technical Services LLC team. With an in-house glass facility, The Abu Hail Technical Services LLC team will concentrate on maintaining or refreshing the facade using our Next Day/Same Day services.

Whatever the construction and age house and commercial building, elements such as the quality of materials and exposure to sun or rain could affect the visual and structural appearance of the front façade. Your workplace or home will inevitably get worse, and that’s why you should hire Abu Hail Technical Services LLC.

Abu Hail Technical Services LLC expert in facade maintenance, who is committed to solving new and ongoing issues to restore your property to its best quality.


Repairing the facade is typically an aesthetic issue, but it could also be an efficient and simple method to ensure safety in your workplace or at home. Abu Hail Technical Services LLC team is not only adept at fixing small facade problems but is also experienced with larger repair projects for instances of corrosion, damage, or concrete cancer.

Facade MaintenanceAs experts in facade management, Abu Hail Technical Services LLC goes beyond solving existing problems. The team’s concrete specialists will examine the building and determine the reasons for the cancer of concrete to develop a specific strategy to prevent and repair it from happening in the future. Concrete cancer can affect the structure of your building. With the fast, skilled, and knowledgeable staff at Abu Hail Technical Services LLC, your issues are dealt with urgency and attention to detail.

Abu Hail Technical Services LLC’s commitment to prompt assistance in times of safety compromise is ensured by the company’s 24/7 emergency call-out services. For one-time needs or urgent facade maintenance requests, the team uses the expertise of an IRATA Certified Rope Access group to ensure that signs, glass, and facades are secured at any level. One of the most crucial security precautions that are backed by Abu Hail Technical Services LLC facade maintenance is anchor point management and installation. Anchor points are an essential security measure that is essential for Rope Access teams when working at high levels. For commercial clients working in high-rises, maintenance of the facade typically requires abseiling for accessing difficult areas.

Abu Hail Technical Services LLC not only provides the installation of these anchor points but also inspects and tests them each year for 12 months. This allows for faster and more secure services when your building requires replacing glass or repair.

Value for Money

As professionals in façade management Abu Hail Technical Services LLC not only is focused on achieving tangible benefits for safety, but also strives to increase the longevity of the original installation. Alongside Abu Hail Technical Services LLC check and reporting services for installations that are made by anchor points such as glass, signage and anchor points and signage, the team concentrates on low-cost and low-disruption strategies to help the customer get more value for money.

Abu Hail Technical Services LLC thinks about the client when it comes to providing any and all services. For residential customers cranes and scaffolding can be very disruptive and costly. Abu Hail Technical Services LLC IRATA trained Rope Access division uses discrete rapid and minimal impact cleaning and management services all through the year and under all weather conditions. With anchor points that the team sets up and maintains, Abu Hail Technical Services LLC, seals and inspects facades in a discreet manner and at a minimal cost. In addition to reducing the cost of services, regular maintenance will ensure that the existing fixtures are maintained at the top of their game for the longest amount of time. Abu Hail Technical Services LLC’ Rope Access team will ensure that they have a thorough inspection of each aspect of the structure. The reports of their team will highlight any current or anticipated issues including diagrams and appropriate solutions. Whatever the size of your facility, Abu Hail Technical Services LLC will provide a continuous solution for your business.