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Rope Access Facade Services

Abu Hail Technical Services LLC offers its customers top-quality inspection repair and maintenance services. All work is completed with applicable safety regulations, client quality/expectations, certified technicians and industry requirements.

Get the Best Rope Access Facade Service in UAE

Rope access services are essential services that require access to hard-to-access areas, particularly those working at high altitudes. These services are needed by companies for various reasons, and are particularly important those that are situated in the skyscrapers. The provision of these services requires special methods and equipment, and these tasks are not usually possible on your own. Thus, rope access service in UAE is frequently needed.

Your company might require Rope Access Services in  Dubai, or UAE generally, due to many reasons, including:

  • Inspections and maintenance of structures, buildings and facades, industrial equipment, and so on.
  • Installation and construction of various kinds of signs and fixtures, equipment etc. in high places or in other difficult locations.
  • Repair and maintaining transparent or glass facades or other facades of tall buildings, skyscrapers and other tall structures.
  • Wire welding painting and rigging or equipment installation in such hard-to-reach locations.

Facade Sealant Application

Abu Hail Technical Services LLC has made a name for itself in the sealing of facades that we offer in Dubai, facade sealant rectification Dubai,facade sealant applications services and sealing services for facade glass and sealant leakage rectifying ,through a team of highly skilled and experienced experts. We analyze and assess the particular needs of your building’s sealant dependent on the exterior and interior structure The team will share the plan for sealing with you and help know the requirements for maintenance of your building precisely.


Facade Maintenance

Abu Hail Technical Services LLC. have a highly skilled maintenance team for facades and engineers.

We provide complete solutions for maintaining your facade The proper maintenance of any facade product is vital to ensure the most life out of the Facade. A proper program of maintenance will also help avoid costly repairs and injuries. We offer scheduled preventive maintenance programs for all Hotels offices, buildings for office use or homes.

Building Facade Inspection

A well-constructed, designed and maintained façade protects the interior of the building from air infiltration, as well as loss of energy. However, exposure to environmental elements and time can wear down elements of the facade. Inspections that are scheduled for the facade of a building are recommended to determine any loose, damaged or damaged facade components. The inspections help identify the location where maintenance work to be done and whether the damaged part requires repair quickly or within the next few months. The owners of the building can sure that all occupants and those who use the building, as well as pedestrians on walkways and roads that run close to the building are protected are protected from falling debris.

We perform a facade assessment, identifying the damaged areas and prepare a report that is beneficial in the development of maintenance programs for the buildings.

Building-Facade-Inspection Services in Dubai


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