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Established in 2011 by trained and highly qualified and influential cleaning professionals from the UK Abu Hail Technical & Cleaning Services is raising the level of the cleaning industry.

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Glass Installation and Replacement

Facade Glass Replacement Services

Abu Hail Technical & Cleaning Services LLC provides an easy and safe solution for any glass replacement job at height. As with all other rope access jobs, we always utilize quality equipment and our technicians are continuously being trained to always ensure a safe operation.

Get the Best Glass Fixing Services in UAE

Do you own an apartment or commercial home that requires a large glass installation?

In any event Abu hail is the ideal option for all your needs. We’ll be there quickly to finish your task and leave fully happy. We have more than 11 years of experience, we are experts with rope access systems. Before leaving we always ensure that we are safe and securely remove any broken glass. But, we will always offer an estimate for free and promise to beat any rival’s quote.

We offer services that include

Window Glass Replacement Dubai
Have you noticed that your glass window is damaged or broken? Do not put your finger on it. Abuhail offers top-quality window glass solutions to deal with the harm caused by all severity. No matter how small the splits or cracks that have extensive combination breakages, our experienced and dedicated technicians are able to handle various repairs and replacements. While at the same time you own your house to ensure your security., our priority is customer's satisfaction. We strive to save you money and time with our window repairs. We don't need to remove the entire window when replacing double pan windows. We make your home secured with beautifully installed windows. We are into glass design, insulated glass replacement and window repair.
Glass replacement for windows within Dubai and UAE

Glass windows can add warmth and character to every house, large or small. Sometimes, they may crack or need a refreshing or a professional to fix or make to ensure that safety is not damaged. It’s not easy to locate the glasswork service which can offer the quality service you expect.

The best way to solve your current issue is to make a reservation for a glasswork service within Dubai and UAE using Abu Hail technical & cleaning services LLC. Our glasswork professionals are trained and certified to fix any glass window that is needed to your home, and while staying at your own home.

You can get free quotation for your work.


If glass is broken, it is a very risky component. It could cut muscles and cause severe lacerations when not treated properly in the first place. It can also be very costly in replacement, if do not employ the correct people.

Fortunately, Century Glass practices both efficacy and cost-effectiveness. Our diverse range of services, between repairs to glass in homes up to commercial installation of glass can help you solve all issues you face with regard to your high-rise building external glass fixing, villa, and more. Glass fixing services in UAE

Building Glass Fixing services in Dubai

We provide glass fixing services by professional assistance. Every building, office, villa or apartment requires glass fixing services in Dubai.

Abuhail glass fixing services has been dedicated to providing high-quality, hand-crafted glass installation and glass repair services across in the United Arab Emirates.


Every office, house or apartment building requires Glass Repair Dubai. If you’re experiencing Glass fixing Dubai issue, then you require Handyman service. Most of the time, we think is like these Glass fixing services in Dubai will take hours to repair or fix, but it’s actually an hour-long job only if done by an expert.

Everyone has Glass Repair Dubai repair issue If you want to avoid making it more costly or worse for yourself with a ‘Do It Your Self’ thing it’s best to hire an experienced handyman that is skilled in handling these types of repairs.

We have specialists who can fix your window  at home or glass by providing the finest services. We can complete the work at any time you’d like us to without any extra charges, and provide the highest quality customer service. We at abu hail technical and cleaning services  LLC we are committed to the satisfaction of our customers. We aim to save time and money with our window repair service.

It is not necessary to take out the entire window to replace Double pan windows. We will secure your home with beautiful windows. We’re into glass design, insulation glass replacement along with window replacement..

Abu hail technical and cleaning services have professional and IRATA certified staff.


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