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Established in 2011 by trained and highly qualified and influential cleaning professionals from the UK Abu Hail Technical & Cleaning Services is raising the level of the cleaning industry.

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We Take the Scratches Out of Glass

As a trusted partner for over 12 years, Scratch Removal Specialists is dedicated to providing the finest customer service and most cost-effective solutions for your glass restoration needs.

Glass Scratch Removal & Restoration Services in UAE

Abu Hail Technical & Cleaning Services LLC provides the best Glass Scratch Removal & Restoration Services in UAE. Call us now to schedule your safe Facade Glass Scratch Removal & Restoration Services in UAE.

Remove scratches from glass with

Abu Hail scratch removal Services

The Abuhail glass scratch removal service professionally removes scratches from glass. We offer a reliable and cost effective glass scratch removal and glass polish service for both internal and external glass. One of the major drawbacks of glass is that it can be easily scratched or stained, especially during fabrication, installation and cleaning. Abuhail glass polish service can effectively remove virtually all depths of scratches and stains from a variety of glass types at a fraction of the cost of replacement, and is supported by a high level of technical knowledge and experience.


Glass Scratch Removal Services in Dubai

We will ensure that your business doesn’t get smacked by unattractive scratches and the effects of vandalism.Simply leaving marks on your windows doesn’t give the best impression to your clients or customers and may make an area appear unappreciated.

Don’t panic! There is no need to replace your expensive storefront window. We can remove scratches off your glass on site and after hours if needed.


RESTORE damaged/scratched glass to its original condition

UNIQUE Glass scratch removal system,

COST REDUCTION in glass replacement,

SAVES TIME required to solve the glass problem

ELIMINATE the need for special machinery and tools needed to  access and replace the glass


Abu HAIL TECHNICAL & CLEANING SERVICES LLC Glass Repair dubai are experts in mirror/glass and glass repair, restoration and repair of windows. We blend our experience with restoration solutions that are custom-designed to efficiently restore mirrors and glasses with minor scratches cracks, chips, and chips.

Instead of spending massive sums of money to replace all of the window as well as glass customized Glass Restoration Service provides the most effective solution for fixing all of problems mentioned above without putting a dent in your pockets. Additionally the best part is that our glass restoration service is also able to get rid of water staining and hazing and leaves them looking clean and in perfect shape.

When you select us for glass/mirror as well as window restoration and repair service, you will not just be able to reduce your expenses for maintenance but also maintain your home in good shape in the long run. If you require minor restoration work or extensive repairs for your mirrors, glass or windows our team of experts who you can depend on to provide reliable and professional services.

glass scratch removal

Glass Repair

Glass repair and replacement services cover many types of different appliances and spaces such as Window and Door Glass, Balcony Glass, Glass Shower, Aquarium Glass and Crack and Chip Glass.

glass scratch removal

Windows Repair

The window repairs we offer keeps your windows looking nice and in good condition in time. We repair minor scratches to windows, cracks, streaks, chips and hazing.

glass scratch removal

Mirror Repair

We also offer the most effective mirror repair service that will help you to restore the beauty and function of all the mirrors within your home with no hassles.

glass scratch removal

Glass Table Top

Glass table tops are generally fragile and can easily suffer chips, scratches, and cracks. If you encounter any of these issues you can contact us to repair your glass table top.


glass scratch removal

Commercial Glass

We offer a broad range of commercial glass repair services which encompasses Water Stains Removal, Graffiti Removal Elevator Glass Panel Crack and Scratch Removal as well as Glass Hazing Removal.


glass scratch removal

Glass Restoration

In addition to repair, we provide professional glass restoration services for commercial and residential properties. For every job we guarantee reliability and durable solutions.


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Your Trusted Partner for Residential Properties

Abuhail’s services are available to all kinds of residential properties to resolve glass restoration issues. With the costs of replacing glass and the growing number of back-ordered glasses, restoring your glass can provide the greatest price and solution to your problems.

Our clients are all benefited by our skilled technicians and office support, as well as security standards, and top-quality work. Furthermore, Abuhail’s Cleaning and technical services have every experience and expertise which will be beneficial to your specific situation…

Home Owners

  • Respect for your home, interior and your time
  • Know that all customers deserve the same high-quality service, no matter the size

Building Custom Homes

  • Understand the difference between standard hardware/installations and custom home products
  • Capability to adapt to premium finishes and implement special access requirements

HDC Condominiums High Rise Builders

  • The ability to manage the punch list building environment and keep deadlines
  • Know the importance of transferring an unclean structure to the developers

Tract Home Builders

  • Recognize the importance of having a rapid turnaround time in pre-close situations.
  • Support for field and office to process warranty work tickets and billing systems

Residential Property Management

  • Be aware of the importance of minimizing disruption for owners and solving their issues
  • Ability to work around luxury units to the delight of the owners of

Real Estate Property Developers

  • The ability to manage all the punch lists in the end and adhere to deadlines
  • Be aware of the importance of handing in top quality units to your customers at the conclusion of the project.
Commercial glass scratch removal

Let Us Partner With You for Your Next Commercial Project

Abuhail technical and cleaning services llc collaborates in all commercial properties to address glass restoration issues. With the costs of replacing glass and increasing back-ordered glass, the process of restoring your glass is the most effective price and the best solution to your issue.

Our clients are all benefited by our highly trained staff and office support, as well as safety standards, and superior work. Additionally, Abuhail technical & cleaning services llc has the knowledge and experience to be beneficial to your particular circumstance…

Commercial Property Builders

  • Ability to work in a punch list environment of construction and adhere to deadlines
  • Be aware of the importance of transferring an orderly property to the builder

Commercial Property Owners

  • Be aware of the necessity to keep your property in peak occupancy to maximize your earnings potential
  • The ability to solve issues that preserve and increase the price of your property

Commercial Property Management

  • The ability to offer you an efficient and cost-effective method to present to the owner
  • Know the importance of limiting disruption for tenants of the property.

Commercial Property Developers

  • The ability to manage all the punch lists in the end and adhere to deadlines
  • Be aware of the significance of handing flawless areas to your clients at the conclusion of the project.

Why Abu Hail Technical & Cleaning Services LLC

for Glass Scratch Removal

Glass scratches are typically caused accidentally or by a solid ceramic or metal object coming in contact with it.We can repair scratches on glass that are caused by a range of factors, such as workers working on construction sites accidentally striking it with their tools or scaffolding that scuffs against it.

Many scratches result from post construction cleaners who use scrapers in their attempts to get rid of paint and building debris. Also, those who try to clean windows of stains with brillo pads or wire wool.

Sometimes, we’re requested to clean scratch marks that are caused by window cleaning who used dirty water and deposited the grit onto windows using an squeegee, or a cloth to scratch the glass.


There are also vicious vandals using screws, knives and sets of keys, scratching graffiti into glass.

Repairing glass that has been scratched and polished seems to be an easy process however, like everything else in life, it requires experience and patience to perform it correctly. So, what should we do?

Before beginning repairs, we must decide on the type of glass that will be repaired, and whether it has flaws or cracks, scratches or small cracks, particularly at the edges. An examination of the area that needs to be repaired is required, as well as its proximity to the edge the glass are noted. This can be used to take information into account for building up heat and pressure applied in the process of glass restoration.

Three types of abrasive pads are used to grind the glass to the level of the scratch, while also feathering the area to make sure that no distortion is resulted to the glass. The cloudiness that develops due to grinding is then sanded away using a compound of cerium oxide to restore the glass’s surface to its original clarity.

Abu Hail Technical & Cleaning Services LLC  can repair any scratch that occurs on glass. To discuss the ways we can assist you with glass polishing or scratched glass needs, please call us at +971 52 733 3122 or email us online.


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As a trusted partner for over 10 years, ABU HAIL TECHNICAL & CLEANING SERVICES LLC Scratch Removal Specialists is dedicated to providing the finest customer service and most cost-effective solutions for your glass restoration needs.
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glass scratch removal