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Hire a Manlift

Reasons to Hire a Manlift Rather Than Buy One

Manlift allows you to successfully and safely complete a wide range of projects at height, including painting, sign writing, and maintenance and cleaning, with safe working capacities up to 14 meters. Abuhail Technical & Cleaning Services Manlift Hire Services is Dubai’s largest privately owned and operated provider of access hire and manlift hire equipment. We get asked a lot about renting versus buying equipment. Let’s look at the most important advantages of hiring a Manlift instead of buying it.


By hiring, you can rent the Manlift only when you need it. This gives you freedom and flexibility. You can hire it for a day, a week, or any other amount of time needed to finish a job. Not only will this reduce your expenditure and save you money, but it will also eliminate the need for equipment storage when not in use. You can tailor your Manlift rental to the job you are currently working on, allowing you to take on projects of any type and size, because Manlift hire gives you access to a variety of models without the need to purchase additional pieces of equipment.

Safety and Compliance:

When you hire a Manlift, you always have access to modern, well-maintained equipment. Manlift Hire Services, a division of Abuhail Technical & Cleaning Services, keeps their fleet up to date with the most recent equipment and ensures that all machinery complies with the highest quality and safety standards. The Manlift you hire will meet all of your operational requirements without sacrificing safety.



Purchasing access equipment can be a huge financial outlay, especially for smaller businesses. If you only use a Manlift or other access equipment for sporadic jobs, it makes sense to rent it as needed rather than investing in the full cost of the equipment. Hiring also means you avoid ongoing maintenance and servicing costs. Manlift need regular hydraulic, electrical, and engine maintenance, all of which comes at price. By hiring, the Abuhail technical & cleaning services LLC company will address all servicing and maintenance needs so you have reliable equipment that performs consistently and efficiently at an affordable rate.

Assistance and Support:

Manlift are available in a wide range of brands, styles and sizes, and each has their own operating and safety specifications. Abuhail technical & cleaning services LLC will assist you in finding the most suitable Manlift for each project you undertake, and give you the peace of mind that it will be in full working order and will get the job done safely.

Factors such as the site surface, weight limits, environmental conditions, job time frame and requirements for moving the equipment will all be taken into consideration when recommending the most appropriate equipment for you. In addition, by hiring you are protected in the event your Manlift breaks down, the Abuhail technical & cleaning services LLC will arrange for repair or a similar product to be delivered to your job site so there is limited down time.

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No matter what task or job you need a Manlift for, Abuhail technical & cleaning services LLC offers Manlift hire to businesses throughout UAE. Whether it’s for construction, maintenance or warehousing applications, Manlift play an important role in ensuring high risk tasks can be performed safely and efficiently at all times. Contact us today for more information or to get started with the Manlift hire process.


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