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Solar Panel Cleaning: Is it worth it? Why, How, and When should you clean it?

Solar Panel Cleaning is a vital process that improves the efficiency of solar panels. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity usable. Photovoltaic cells (PV cells) found on the panels aid in converting sunlight energies into electric energy. They are placed in a grid-like arrangement on the panels’ surface. The panels are typically composed of silicon crystals. Solar energy is completely free and renewable. It is among the most sought-after renewable sources utilized in both homes and commercial buildings to serve a range of needs, such as lighting, cooking, washing, and operating various electrical appliances. Additionally, solar can help reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Thus, it is ecologically sustainable.

Solar panels are low maintenance. Cleaning them with water is sufficient the majority of the time. However, dirt and dust make solar panels not function as efficiently. Cleaning involves removing dirt off the panels’ surface to allow the sun’s energy to be absorbed. Other debris like bird droppings, leaves, and even bird droppings can also block solar panels from exposure directly to sunlight. The best method of cleansing solar panels would be using water Fed Pole. Some suggest soap water. However, it may leave behind residues and cause dirt to adhere to the soap. In most cases, rain removes dirt and dust. However, bird droppings and other residues may be left on surfaces. It is therefore recommended to Use Water Fed Pole to keep from scratching the surface. Through this post, we’ll discover more about solar cleaning panels and the benefits they bring.

When to Clean Solar Panels?


Solar panels are positioned in an open area. This means that solar panels will become dirty based on the duration and location. However, the process of cleaning is contingent on a variety of factors, including the weather, your location, exposure time, and the solar design. Therefore, it may not need to be cleaned even during the summer and spring seasons. However, in winter, especially when there is less sunlight available during the day, you may require frequent cleaning. Because it is less rainy during winter, it’s sensible to wash the panels at least once a month.
It is recommended to check the solar panels regularly at intervals. If you notice a lot of dust, it’s time to clean them. The ideal time to clean them is in the morning, or in the evening (late after lunch). It is also possible to do this in the event of a cloudy day. The sun in the evening shines directly onto the panels. Thus, it will evaporate the water very quickly, however the dirt could stay on the panel. It is best to start your day early. time to do this because it forms dew on the ground overnight. Additionally, you’ll require less water and work to clean. Additionally, in later afternoon, panels function more efficiently and you don’t want to disrupt it at the most productive period during the working day. It may not be an enjoyable experience for you to clean your home in the scorching heat as the sun sets directly in the afternoon.


How to Clean You’re Solar Panels?

We have said that the simplest method of cleaning solar panels is to use water and the use of a soft sponge. Some people suggest using mild detergent, too. But, avoid using pressure with water as it may result in damage to the panel’s surface. Instead employ the sponge to get rid of the dirt, such as bird droppings, and then wash it away with detergent and water.
Don’t use harsh chemicals or detergents. They could also cause damage. Additionally, you should take precautionary steps in cleaning. For instance, you could make use of a long-handled tool get the panels to be cleaned while staying on the floor. When the panel is not accessible by foot, you can use a Water Fed Pole. Another option to clean solar panels is by hiring professionals to clean them. A lot of companies offer this service for a set amount. For example, some firms may charge you annually while some may charge for a once-off service. However, before you consider hiring professionals for cleaning, examine the ROI on investment when you hire them.

How Often to Clean Your Solar Panels?

Solar panels are low maintenance. They don’t require you to take them apart frequently as you believe. Sometimes, dust such as bird droppings or leaves may hinder the panels from getting sunlight. In these cases you must clean them as quickly as you can.
Solar panels are cleaned by Water Fed Pole. While the surface is prone to collecting dirt and dust throughout the day, it are not enough to affect the functioning for the panels. An investigation done by University of California San Diego revealed how solar panels that were left unclean for 145 days lost just 7.4 percent of their efficiency. This means that you do not have to clean your panels often. In general, it is recommended to cleanse the panels at least once each spring, summer and fall season. However, you must clean it at least once a month during the winter months since light levels are lower in this season. However, if unusual circumstances like blockage caused by snow, leaves, or bird droppings are observed it is imperative to get them cleaned up immediately. However, other aspects like conditions of the weather, the location and pollutants can influence the frequency at which you clean your solar panel. Many experts suggest cleaning the panels once or twice per year. Additionally, it’s important to monitor the panel’s energy efficiency when you’ve cleaned them. Additionally, you should be aware of how cleaning time intervals affect the output.

Tips for Maintenance and Cleanliness

A solar-powered energy system isn’t only focused on the panels. It also comprises other elements including a battery, an inverter the solar charge controller. Therefore, it’s not that if you wash your panels on a regular basis the system will function perfectly. The efficiency of harnessing solar power is dependent on the upkeep of the various elements that make up the entire system.
Solar panel systems require minimum maintenance and solar panels last for a long time. But they aren’t going to last for a long time. Every electronic device gets older with time. But, by maintaining it regularly of the panels as well as the system in general it is possible to increase the amount of time it lasts and provide good performance.

Cleansing solar panels is just an aspect of maintaining them. Therefore, don’t solely focus on the cleanliness your panels. Also, look over the entire system and ensure that all components are in sync to maximize efficiency. You can employ nearby electricians and solar experts to examine the system’s condition for maintenance and Hire a Solar panel cleaning company to clean the panel.


Solar-powered heating systems for lighting, heating cooking, washing, and more has gained popularity among the majority of households. Solar is among the most widely used sources of renewable energy today. Make sure that your system is functioning properly. Examine if your panels are covered with an excessive amount of dirt covering the surface. If there’s only tiny amounts of dirt, then you need not be concerned. However, if the panels are filthy and need to be cleaned, it’s a must for boosting the efficiency of the system.
Solar panels are filthy over time. Dust and bird droppings, leaves and other particles are swept on the surface. The accumulation of dirt can reduce the efficiency of the panels. Therefore it is the best option. Solar panels generally require little maintenance. So, cleaning them is easy since you will require water and mild detergent soap and soft sponge.
Another method of cleaning solar panels would be by hiring professionals to clean your solar panels. They’ll charge you specific charges for their services. However, many experts believe that it’s not worth the cost to hire cleaning services for solar panels. Additionally, you don’t require frequent cleaning. A few times a year will suffice for it. Therefore, you should think about it before deciding whether to engage someone who will clean the solar panel.