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SOlar Panel Cleaning in Dubai

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning By Water Fed Pole System

Abu Hail Technical & Cleaning Services LLC provides the best Solar Panel Cleaning services in Dubai. Call us now to schedule your safe & eco-friendly Solar Panel Cleaning service.

Why You Should Consider Hiring A Solar Panel Cleaning Service:

Climbing up on your roof to clean it is the last thing you want to do.

Fortunately, you can engage a professional solar panel cleaning service to take care of the task. What, on the other hand, does a solar panel cleaning service entail? Do you truly require one?

Let’s look at why these services are so vital, as well as some of the advantages of using them.

Solar panels must be kept clear of particles such as dust and dirt to function properly. When solar panels’ surfaces are cleaned, they may absorb more sunlight. It’s no secret that the most crucial component in making solar panels function is sunshine, so it’s only natural that you’d want them to be as clean as possible to capture as much power as possible.

Your solar panels will not be able to capture nearly as much sun’s energy if they are coated with dust or bird droppings. The number of solar panel cleaning services is increasing as the solar business grows. Individuals, small businesses, and major enterprises all employ cleaners.

Cleaning solar panels is a straightforward process: simply scrub the panels with a soft-bristled brush and a hose or pail of water to remove any dirt, dust, or debris that has gathered on the surface.

Cleaning panels once a month is common to keep their efficiency high, but, depending on factors like location and weather conditions, certain installations may require more regular cleaning. Solar panel cleaning, in addition to regular upkeep and inspection, is a vital element of maintaining your system running well.

Solar panels are not only attractive, but they also generate clean energy that can be used to power our homes and businesses for many years.

What Are The Steps To Cleaning Solar Panels?

You may do solar panel cleaning individually with a soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner. You may notice some dust that a vacuum cleaner cannot remove, in which case you will need the assistance of a power washer. Most people will always prefer the latter because it has a handy UV-C light that aids in the cleaning of solar panels.

If you want to get the most out of your solar panels, or if you’re considering obtaining one so you can harness the sun’s energy, you should contact them properly cleaned. The more sunlight a solar panel can capture and convert to power, the more money it will cost to operate. If a solar panel isn’t cleaned correctly, any dust or filth on its surface will reflect less light than otherwise, resulting in less energy being created. Solar panels must be cleaned by sandblasting the surface with an abrasive blasting agent and then applying an anti-fog coating. To avoid harm to any underlying components, make sure the cleaning takes place at the right temperatures and in a controlled atmosphere.


Solar panels may get filthy, and even if you’ve cleaned them before, dust may have collected over time. Solar panels can become clogged with dust, causing your system to shut off. To avoid this, clean your solar panels once every six months if you have a large solar panel installation. Clean the panels first, then remove dirt and debris from between them using a soft-bristled brush or broom-like instrument. Rinse the panel with warm water from a distance with a hose; don’t get too near since dirt and moisture will get on your system.

After Solar panel cleaning, dry the panels out by blowing air through them or exposing them to direct sunshine for three hours before putting them away. Cleaning up your system will make it run a lot more effectively, so do it at least once every six months!

Reliable Solar Panel Cleaning Services in Dubai:

Abuhail technical & cleaning services L.L.C. provides solar panel cleaning services for a range of systems. We can create a package to match your needs, whether you need roof cleaning, ground-mounted cleaning, or a service that covers both your roof and panels. We recognize the necessity of keeping your solar panels clean, and we recognize that each system is unique and necessitates a customized cleaning schedule.

We provide scheduled maintenance for both residential and business, so you can rest assured that we will find the ideal package for you. Our team consists of industry experts with extensive experience dealing with solar panels and a thorough understanding of how to care for them.

Solar Panel Cleaning

A clogged solar panel can limit power production by about 30%. We recommend that you clean your panels regularly for residential systems, but we understand that you’re busy and may not have the time or resources to do so. Here are some reasons why you should select us:

When working on roofs, our staff is properly insured and educated in necessary safety procedures.

Our staff uses mobile cherry pickers to access huge arrays without having to climb on the roof.

Washing the glass surface, blowing off the top dust layer, and rinsing down the entire array, so water flows away from your roof surface are all part of our comprehensive service.

Why You Should Hire A Professional To Clean Your Solar Panels:

Many homeowners try to save money by cleaning the panels themselves, but this might backfire. The majority of D.I.Y. approaches include one or more of the following:

  • A brush and some water
  • Cleaning products such as Windex
  • A pressure washer and a hose

While these methods may appear to work, they end up causing damage to your system. If you use water, it may become trapped between the layers of glass on your panels, resulting in mildew or corrosion beneath the surface. If you use a vigorous home cleaner, you risk harming the sealant or the glass itself. If you try to scrape off the trash with a garden hose or power washer, you risk loosening or breaking the protective coating that was placed on the glass during the manufacturing process. This coating repels water and dust, allowing your panels to work at their best. We’ll make sure your solar panel system is properly kept without causing any damage to its parts with our solar panel cleaning services. We provide maintenance programs as well as urgent cleanings in the event of an emergency (like an animal getting on your roof).


Solar Panel Cleaning


How To Clean Solar Panels Yourself (And Save Money In The Process):

We can provide equipment hire and instruction for solar panel cleaning services if you wish to maintain your solar panel yourself. Cleaning your solar panels yourself is the most effective method. It simply takes a few basic tools and a step ladder. We provide a list of licensed cleaning service providers who will clean your panels for you if you choose not to do it yourself. Before choosing the ideal cleaning procedure for you, we recommend that you test a few different ones. We also recommend that you clean a tiny piece of your solar panel before attempting to clean the entire thing since the chemicals may be too harsh or abrasive for some people’s panels. If that’s the case, it’s not worth the risk of harming your solar panel by cleaning it yourself. While your solar panels are considered low-maintenance, they require some simple maintenance to keep them performing at their best. Because your panels are exposed to the outdoors, they will need to be washed frequently to stay clean. You may need to clean your solar panels more regularly if you live in a dusty or sandy region. Living near trees might result in extra cleaning because leaves and bark can readily fall onto your solar panels. We can clean solar panels for you if you have trouble accessing your roof or simply don’t want to climb onto your roof yourself. Our crew has the tools and skills necessary to safely clean your solar panels. If you choose, we also provide tools and instruction so that you can maintain the panels yourself.


Our Solar Panel Services Keep Your System Running Smoothly:

We have a specialized fleet of professionals on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to keep your solar panels clean and work at top performance. Among the services we provide but are not limited to:

Solar Panel Cleaning :

We utilize a non-abrasive cleaning solution that is safe for the environment and won’t harm your panels. Dirt, trash, bird droppings, pollen, and other pollutants that have collected on your panels are removed with this solution, allowing them to work at their optimum efficiency levels.

Solar Panel Maintenance:

Weather conditions can lead to rust or degradation on your panels over time, reducing their efficacy in generating electricity. By scheduling regular maintenance consultations, we can ensure that any issues are caught early and rectified before they are major issues that require costly repairs later.

Solar Panel Fix:

Our professionals are qualified to repair both little and large-scale flaws such as cracked glass or broken connections while adhering to strict safety guidelines. We also do comprehensive repairs, including panel replacement if necessary, for bigger issues.

Abu hail technical & cleaning services llc  is leading solar panel cleaning services providing company in Dubai and all over UAE. We provides you the best  solar panel cleaning services at very affordable rates. Contact us


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