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The Specialists in Spider Lifts Platforms

Spider lifts rental service offers modern spider boom lifts that are designed for operating at heights above the fragile and load-bearing ground.

Spider lifts are specifically designed to assist you in effectively work at heights. Outdoor and indoor tracked spider lifts, they are lightweight and can be easily moved into the right position. The tracks are designed to distribute the weight evenly to provide a low ground pressure and the outriggers fold down to help stabilize the equipment and allow you to get the necessary height to accomplish the task.

The fact that they are lightweight, compact and extremely maneuverable, spider lifts an ideal choice for indoor work, such as flooring areas such as shopping centers and museums.

Abu Hail Technical & Cleaning Services LLC
Spider Lifts Rental Services in UAE
  • Can you work indoors and outdoors due to the variety of motors that are available
  • With the track it is easy moving over rough terrain and slopes, and also on delicate or low capacity floorings
  • The slim dimensions allow for access to the doors.
  • They are able to hold their position in tight places, on steep and uneven slopes.
  • There are a variety of versions that can be mounted on wheels.
  • A wide range of capabilities, as well as user-friendliness, allow these platforms to be used for numerous tasks

Due to their light weight, They are perfect for carrying out work on uneven surfaces.

The articulated arm technology in both models allows you to be flexible to reach the location you want. Crawler spider lifts are a great solution to difficult-to-access areas. This platform for trailers is able to be transported when you are legally licensed with a BE driving license and possess the appropriate towing vehicle.

Our aerial platforms work almost anywhere they are needed, even in places which are not possible for conventional platforms. They cover a broad variety of heights and outreaches. They function autonomously, using electrical power and diesel engines. They can be powered via batteries, or single or three-phase outlet. They are also able to move off-road and up slopes like ramps in garages, stairs and so on. They are able to pass through a standard door, and can operate in enclosed and crowded areas, with no emissions or noise. They are able to be stabilized within tight areas, on uneven or steep hills, or on fragile and low-capacity floors. They are simple to use and are safe.




Spider Lifts

Flexible, lightweight, superior reach – spider lifts allow you to reach places where other platforms cannot. For both indoor/ outdoor (floor sensitive) surfaces.


Features / Advantages

  • Lightweight chassis (vs Boom Lifts)
  • Wheel or crawler mounted
  • Powered by diesel, battery or 230V AC
  • Working Height –18m to 43m

Compact, lightweight and versatile, our spider offer working heights up to 50m, providing unparalleled access to both indoor and outdoor tasks. Their lightweight compact size makes them perfect for maintenance in airports, malls or mosques.



As a trusted heavy equipment rental business located in the UAE We offer the most affordable Spider lift rental that demonstrates our dedication to quality and value. Our high-tech self-propelled, self-propelled spider lift rental provides maximum mobility and access, while making sure that the safety of the driver. Spider lifts are platforms for aerial work often referred to as aerial lifts or manlifts, which are great for areas that are difficult to access and require the highest level of mobility and height. They are made to be used both indoors and outdoors that require accuracy and stability. Our equipment is maintained well to ensure that you get top-quality aerial machinery rental which is safe and reliable.



Abu Hail Technical & Cleaning Services LLC is the go-to rental service provider for all of your needs for elevated work platforms. Our team is willing to assist you in choosing the right lift for your needs and ensure that you are fully equipped with all the information needed to operate it in a safe and efficient manner. We invite you to contact us to find out more about our rental spider lift services and the ways it will aid you in the completion of your next task. We at our company recognize that not every project is identical. We offer an array of construction equipment such as rentals for trailers as well as mobile crane hire. They can meet a broad array of needs, no matter if you’re working outside or working in a tight space.

Why Choose Us for Renting a Spider Lift in UAE?
  • We know the construction industry extremely well and we are aware of the kind of machine you’ll need in the event you’re looking for a lifter for sale. It’s all you need to do is send us an explanation of the type of work you perform and we’ll determine the most appropriate solution for you.
  • However, if it’s the spider lift for hire that you’re seeking We have an organized system that means your machine is just one click away . We’ll send you a high-quality, polished machine that can handle your job and assist you in handling it.
  • We recognize the importance of security when carrying out difficult construction work in a high-rise, which is why our equipment is constructed with safety features to ensure they do not pose a risk to the safety of the people who live around the area. Strong foundation and strong structure ensure the highest level of security.
  • Our long-standing reputation confirms our reliability and professionalism. We have enjoyed satisfied customers each year, who consistently recommend our services. This type of experience has given us confidence in what we stand for: A reliable company that is looking out for the best for its clients.
  • Our spider lifts are among the best available. They are well maintained and have a high working height, are simple to operate and can be used in any place.
  • Our experts can help you determine the best aerial platform most suitable for you. We take into consideration your budget, timeframe and the area you work in and provide a customized solution to your issues.
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