Water fed pole for Villas & buildings

Most windows cleaning company’s clean windows on commercial buildings that have a lot of high windows, either by using tall ladders or boom lifts. Using these tools is necessary for the job.
However, in many cases, there is a much more efficient and cost effective way to clean windows on multi-story buildings. This method is called a Tucker Pole waterfed pole system and is offered to you exclusively by Abu Hail Technical & Cleaning Services.

This system is not a normal a brush on a pole with a hose. It is carefully and professionally designed built glass friendly device to not only wash your windows but protect them with special filtered water to give the perfect finish to any clean.
Abu Hail Technical & Cleaning Services supervisors are waterfed pole certified from the UK. We clean not only the glass but also the frames around the glass to give the perfect result.
The water used goes through a special filtration system that filters all the unnecessary minerals to make the pure water have a specific reading to be used for window cleaning. As the water is pure, the water dries without leaving spots and smears.